• Warm-up electric under floor heating being laid out around the kitchen island. Two individually controlled zones were installed.
  • Tiles being laid and checked for levels.
  • Finished floor showing beautiful variations in colour. The French limestone was excellent quality and the clients were very pleased with the finish.

This project involved stripping out the original tongue and groove floor boards and strengthening work to the existing floor timbers in the form of additional noggins at 600mm centres to provide a solid base for tiling.

The individual joist voids were insulated with 100mm Celotex and the floor over-boarded with 18mm W.B.P ply carried on all sides, glued and screwed at 300mm centres.

Two separate zones of Electric underfloor heating were installed, one around the kitchen island and another in the main dining area.

The floor was tiled using a French Limestone in a staggered bond centred on the Range and feature doors. The floor was deep cleaned, sealed and then wax buffed with lambswool bonnets.

  • Floor being prepared with Dural de-coupling matting to prevent surface cracking.
  • Selecting the Blue stone, checking for warped or dished tiles and any surface imperfections.
  • Tiles being fixed using a two-part super flexible adhesive. The honed blue stone is highly sensitive to staining and must be kept really clean throughout the fixing process.
  • Pre-grouting, the tiles were washed to remove fixing residue. There was a lot of efflorescence that had to dry out before sealing could take place. Once sealed and dry the tiles were grouted and the floor sealed twice more.

This high spec contemporary project involved the laying of large honed blue stone slabs onto a Knauf Aquapanel flooring system. In order to guard against any surface cracking we laid a Dural de‑coupling matting first.

The very dense slabs were bedded with a two-part flexible fibre adhesive. This stone is stunning, it has subtle colour variation and is very tactile. From an installation perspective the stone is highly sensitive to staining and should be sealed on the top face and sides prior to being laid.

Although the sub floor was considered unsuitable for tiling by adhesive manufacturers technical support, the combination of de‑coupling matting and super flexible adhesive gave us peace of mind that the installation would not fail. The blue stone was deep cleaned and sealed using mostly Fila products.

  • This image shows how the wet room is prepared. The areas to be tiled are primed and the floor is tanked. The walls are tanked using a paint on tanking slurry. It is worth taking time to get the water proofing spot on.
  • Tiles awaiting grout. The Black Limestone mosaics were sealed prior to grouting. The tiles are porcelain and extremely dense and don't need to sealed.
  • The completed job. The transformed bathroom is ready for use.
  • The customer is very happy with the level of finish and is looking forward to a relaxing hot bath!

Sandeman tiling was contracted to install a wet room in this contemporary architect design curved building. This project provided unique challenges for all trades in itself with very high ceilings and no real straight lines in the building to work with.

The wet room was prepared and tanked thoroughly to give a fully waterproof background.

The main area was tiled with large format porcelain tiles and the shower tray area tiled with black limestone mosaics to follow the drain falls. The client was very pleased with the end result.

  • Unfortunately for my client, the stone installed originally was unfit for purpose and started to de-laminate. This was compromising the integrity of the wet room and could of led to water ingress and possible structural damage to the building.
  • Re-build in progress. I was pleased with the RAK porcelain tiles. They were excellent quality with none dished and no size deviation or imperfections.
  • A real pleasure to put this wet room right for the client. It should stand up to daily use for a long time.

This project involved the stripping out and refitting of a large wet room where the unsuitable for purpose stone had failed. See the architect’s comments below:

"Sandeman Tiling completed the renovation of a large ensuite wet room at Zed House, Cheltenham to a very high standard of workmanship. It was a difficult project involving the careful removal and re-installation of existing fittings, stripping out defective stone tiles and replacing with new porcelain tiles. All necessary protection was provided to adjacent rooms, and the work was carried out with minimum disruption. The close collaboration and attention to detail was excellent, and the finished result exceeded expectations."

Mike Duckering BSc BA RIBA